"I am a WELL INTERPRETER when I can handle decision-making without confusion and stress."

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Well Interpreter Series

January 21, 2023

1 PM to 6:30 PM EST


This is a LIVE online event.

Check our program here: https://bit.ly/Well_Interpreter_Series-2023

Meet our Speaker Dr. Robyn Dean

Dr. Robyn Dean shares what attracted her to the topic of Demand Control Schema.

She also shares how decision-making can be a source of anxiety and stress for interpreters and how DCS can support interpreters in their daily decision-making.


Listen to this conversation, and check our upcoming event the Well Interpreter Series here: https://bit.ly/Well_Interpreter_Series-2023


CEUs – Our Series has been approved for 4 CEUs by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). CEUs by NBCMI for medical interpreters. Our presentations comply with CEUs requirements for court interpreters.


Replays available post event for all who register.


Be well and see you soon!

Your Magna Voce Team

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