Chapter Yearly ATA Membership Letter

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Dear DVTA members

If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that professional associations offer support, inspiration, and a sense of community, especially when times are tough. As an ATA chapter president, I would like to share with you some of the useful benefits ATA membership can offer you as a professional to broaden and enhance your chapter membership.

When you invest in ATA membership, you tap into a vast network of colleagues, job opportunities, and invaluable resources.

ATA Membership Benefits


Whether you are new to the profession or a long-time translator or interpreter, joining ATA allows you to connect and get involved on a national level with even more of the close-knit ties you enjoy as a member of DVTA!

ATA member benefits include:

  • Professional affiliation

·        Credit union financial services

·        Professional insurance services

·        Professional development, including free and discounted CPD opportunities

·        Discounts on tools and software

·        And much more!




  • ATA online directory profile*
  • The ATA Chronicle
  • ATA certification exam option
  • Professional networking
  • Business discussion forums
  • ATA division membership
  • Mentoring and Masterminds Programs


*One of the most tangible benefits, the directory allows both purchasers of language services and colleagues to search for you by language, credentials, expertise, location, and more. Many ATA members report that their ATA directory profile results in new projects with new clients year after year.


Benefits of Membership">Learn more about the benefits you’ll enjoy as an ATA member.


5 Reasons to Join ATA">Hear what ATA members like best about their ATA membership.


“ATA is a huge source of information for me. I feel much better informed about the state of the industry, about technology, about standards, about educational opportunities, about the marketplace, and about ethics in the marketplace because of my ATA membership.” - Jennifer G.


What’s more, your ATA membership can financially benefit DVTA.


One of the most attractive benefits of chapter status is ATA’s dues rebate. When chapter members renew their ATA membership, they may instruct ATA to pay a 10% dues rebate to a chapter of their choice. In 2022, ATA provided over $26,000 in rebates to its chapters!


ATA helps you grow on a national level—and on a regional level—by supporting DVTA programs and your professional development.


Join ATA">Learn more about what ATA membership can do for you and join ATA today!


If you have any questions about ATA membership, please contact me, Eliane Sfeir-Markus at or ATA Membership Committee Chair Meghan McCallum at

Thank you!

Eliane Sfeir-Markus

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