A Message from our President

Dear fellow translators, interpreters, educators, students, colleagues and visitors,

I am very pleased to welcome you to DVTA’s new web site. The Delaware Valley Translators Association is a local Chapter of the American Translators Association, with a membership that includes linguists, educators, language advocates, companies and educational institutions. Our geographic scope extends well beyond the Delaware Valley that includes some national and international members. Most of us come from all parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, but we have many members also from Maryland, New York, California, and even Puerto Rico and the Middle East.

As the current president of this non-profit organization operated solely by the kindness, energy and collaborative spirit of our volunteer board of directors, I am remarkably proud to be a part of this unique association that serves a talented and accomplished membership of professionals. In order to support and maintain this level of proficiency, the board’s activities are focused on continuously upholding and delivering the mission of the DVTA:

  • Promote the highest professional industry standards
  • Improve communication within our community
  • Serve as a clearing house for new developments
  • Provide a forum for continuing education and certification

We hope that you will find this website useful. If you are a member, we encourage you to check out the calendar of events, the member forum, the blog, the links to useful industry resources and to update your profile on a regular basis so that it reflects your most recent accomplishments and interests for prospective employers.

If you are a language company, attorney or visitor looking for a translator or interpreter, please refer to our membership directory, where you can search for linguistic services by name, language or region.

This year marks the 55th year that the DVTA has been in existence. Currently there are 14 ATA Chapters and 9 ATA Affiliates nationwide, with DVTA regarded as one of the most vital and prolific amongst all. DVTA’s services are intended to inspire us to be better, more successful translators and interpreters, to sharpen our linguistic skills, refine our technical abilities, keep up with the latest industry trends, and streamline our business practices. This is a tall order; however, we have been able to effectively fulfill this because of the invaluable member feedback we receive on a regular basis, the tireless efforts of our board and committees, and the superb enthusiasm demonstrated by those participating in our programs. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering and becoming more involved in our committees, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our board members.

Thank you for visiting the DVTA web site and we hope to see you at our next event!

Tony Guerra
President, DVTA