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On , Jamie Hartz posted:

Save the Date – DVTA Spring Brunch April 29

Dear DVTA members,

Save this date! The DVTA Spring Brunch will be held from 11am to 3pm on April 29, 2018 at Seasons 52 in King of Prussia. More information to follow!


Jamie Hartz
DVTA Secretary

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On , beerbeatrice posted:

April Conference Opportunity in South Jersey!

Bonjour Everyone!

Below is a conference opportunity coming up in April in the South Jersey area!

Languages required are French, Amharic, Swahili, Arabic and Portuguese.

Please contact Chris Forte at American Language Technologies directly at should you be interested.


Merci! Kind regards, 

Béatrice Beer


From Chris Forte:

Here are some details about the April conference:

African Partnership Flight event on McGuire Air For Base from 16-20 April 2017.

There will be members of 15 African countries’ Air Forces (About 70 people).

We will need a quote for highly skilled Interpreters Capable of translating technical and military terminology, verbally to and from English in French, Amharic, Swahili, Arabic and Portuguese.

We will need one of each on Monday and Friday, and three of each on Tuesday and Wednesday(none on Thursday), they will need to be on location, ready to work for requested times.

Mon 4/16: 08:00 – 11:45   lunch  then 13:15 – 17:00

Tues/Wed 4/17-18: 08:00 – 13:00

Fri 4/20: 08:00 – 11:00

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On , Ana Gauz posted:

Literary Division Facebook Group

My fellow DVTA members,

The ATA Literary Division has recently created a Facebook group. Any ATA member may join it; you don’t need to be a member of the LitDiv to do so. All you need is an interest in literature and to be willing to exchange ideas with established or aspiring literary translators.

Please spread the word about this new FB group!

 Thank you!


Ana Gauz, CT

English to Brazilian Portuguese

ATA-Certified Translator / +1-856-905-9363

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On , eliane posted:

2018 First Judicial Distict Shadowing Program

Dear DVTA Members, 

As a member of the DVTA, you have the opportunity to participate in the 2018 First Judicial District Shadowing Program in Philadelphia, PA.

The program is targeted to help, train and support legal interpreters by providing them with in-person experiences to help them better understand the judicial system. 

If you are interested, please feel free to contact Judge Ida Chen at: The program starts March 29th, 2018. It is free, but there are limited number of spots available for this year’s program. 

Eliane Sfeir-Markus, CHI
 267- 241 0341 ( Cell)
“To have another language is
 to possess another soul.” -“Charlemagne”
Vice President, Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA)


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 A terrific development at ATA, this Division will specifically address the need for greater  representation, resources for professional development and access to valuable  and current information in the legal field. If you want to support it, please sign the petition through the link below. Thanks,

Tony Guerra, Spanish<>English Interpreter

Board of Directors, American Translators Association
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American Translators Association
Call for petitions to establish an ATA Law Division 
21st ATA Division Proposed: Law Division (LawD)
With the consistent growth in demand for legal translation services in the past decade, it becomes increasingly important to offer, within ATA, support and information to not only legal translators and interpreters, but also other members who would like to learn more and work in this profitable yet demanding area of specialization.
Incentive to Create an ATA Law Division
The proposed division intends to create and foster opportunities for education and professional advancement in the area, by guiding the selection of specialized sessions and suggesting distinguished speakers for the ATA Annual Conference; developing relations between ATA and other associations of interest, such as Chambers of Commerce and law associations worldwide; and building an environment within ATA that offers professional support and information to translators and interpreters at every point in their career.
The ultimate goal of this new Division is to provide the best possible specialized environment to the current and next generation of legal translators and interpreters, demonstrating ATA’s commitment to the quality and professionalism of its members.
Benefits of an ATA Law Division
Many translators and interpreters would benefit from the networking, resources, and professional development opportunities offered by a Law Division that will go beyond language combinations and differences between translation and interpretation and will provide a venue for current or prospective legal translators and interpreters to build their skills—increasing both the pool of ATA Divisions and the value of ATA membership.
Call for Petitions
The proposed Division’s organizing committee is now calling for signed petitions to support the establishment of the Law Division (LawD).  
Information about the proposed LawD
To add your support by signing the petition for division status, click:
And remember, because division memberships are included in your ATA dues, you have the opportunity to join any or all divisions without paying additional fees.
If you need additional information or wish to become one of the LawD volunteers, please contact Ana Gauz, CT at
American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: (703) 683-6100
You are receiving this email message because you are a member of the American Translators Association.

American Translators Association

ATA Divisions
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 2231
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Dear members,

DVTA is looking to increase engagement and interaction on its social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and would like to know if we have any members who are engaged on these platforms who would be interested in volunteering to join our social media efforts. Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment and to share interesting and relevant information for our members and the greater translation and interpreting community. Commitment would depend on the individual; if this seems like the right fit for you, please contact us at! We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Friday,

Jamie Hartz
DVTA Secretary

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On , Dorothy posted:

French to English Translators Needed


Good afternoon, everyone. 

I received the following email this afternoon from Valentina MacInnes, Vendor Administrator at Linguistic Systems, Inc.:


Hope this message finds you well. We are currently looking for French to English translators for a very large MT post-editing job. This job has a mix of technical and business texts, over a million words with delivery by the end of February. We need to reach as many translators as possible for this ongoing job.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Valentina MacInnes | Vendor Administrator | Linguistic Systems, Inc.
260 Franklin Street – Suite 230, Boston, MA 02110 | t 617-528-7452 | f 617-528-7482 |
Certifications: ISO 9001 • ISO 17100 • ISO 27001

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Valentina directly at  

All my best,

Dorothy Evans

***NOTE: The DVTA does not endorse or recommend any specific company, organization, agency or opportunity.

Please research all opportunities thoroughly prior to initiating contact or accepting work.***


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On , Jamie Hartz posted:

Reminder about scams

Hi all,

Just a friendly note to keep an eye out for translation scam emails from potential ‘clients’… they come in all shapes and sizes and will occasionally claim to have found you on professional sites like the DVTA member directory. These messages can be hard to identify, but keep an eye out for a few things:

1. Email addresses from a free account (yahoo, gmail, etc.)

2. Not specifying your language pair, or asking what your language pair is (if they really have translation work for you, they should at least know the source language!)

3. Overpayments or unverified pre-payments (sometimes used to get you to send the excess money back, while their initial payment never actually goes through)

I’m going to be compiling an article of information about identifying and avoiding these types of scams and would be curious to hear about the experiences of others who may have had issues with this – feel free to write to me at if you’re willing to share some information I could use to write the post (which would be anonymous).


Jamie Hartz

DVTA Secretary

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On , Tony Guerra posted:

Interpreting-NCID Scam  

To: All Individuals Listed in the National Court Interpreter Database 

Re: Interpreting-NCID Scam 

The Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) was advised this morning that interpreters in several states received a scam email requesting money in exchange for being listed in the judiciary’s National Court Interpreter Database (NCID), which is used by federal courts to locate contract interpreters. This message, purportedly sent by AO Director James C. Duff, requested that interpreters wire money through Western Union to an individual in Iowa. The email is fraudulent and not connected with the United States courts or with Director Duff. 

The judiciary has never required that individuals pay a fee to be listed in the NCID. To become listed in the NCID, follow the steps described at this site. 

The AO is working to make the relevant law enforcement agencies aware of this scam and we ask that you notify us at if you receive this fraudulent email.

You are encouraged to share this email with others in the interpreting profession.    


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On , MEChaves posted:

How to identify a serious request for translation services?

Hello everyone,

Last week, a friend of mine fell for Maggy Laguna’s translation service request which turned out to be a scam. We both are students of translation and we hope to be freelancers once we finish our education. As you can see, we are very new to the profession. I would like some of the seasoned translators to share tips on how to identify a serious request for translation services and how to avoid scams.

Thank you for your input and for sharing your knowledge.

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On , Dorothy posted:

Thank you!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the New Year at Ivy Hall last night. I hope you all enjoyed the presentations, the food, and the networking.

Special thanks to Jamie Hartz, Eliane Sfeir and Eileen Cano Haag for all of their hard work putting together a great event!

We missed those who could not make it, but I hope to see many of you (and more!) at our next event in April. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize them.

Happy Monday – and GO EAGLES!

All my best,

Dorothy Evans

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