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Board of Directors

DVTA Board of Directors and Committees


Antonio E. Guerra, DVTA’s current president, brings more than 20 years of experience in the management, marketing and development of multicultural communications services. A native of Havana, Cuba, he has worked as an independent contractor as well as in-house with companies and agencies. In these various roles, he has been a provider as well as a purchaser and coordinator of language services, ranging from sworn depositions to large scale, multinational conferences. His Spanish<>English translation and interpretation services specialize in legal, medical, government and marketing sectors. Besides chairing DVTA’s PR and Certification Committees, he is also highly involved in numerous volunteer activities for the American Translators Association (ATA) including as National Chapters Chair, the interpretation Policy Advisory Committee, the PR Committee’s Speakers Forum and ATA’s Mentoring Program.

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Rudy Téllez is a Court Certified, National Board Medical Certified, and Conference Interpreter for the English-Spanish languages. He works as a freelance interpreter covering trials, depositions, medical procedures, treatments, and conferences in the tri-state area.

He is also a faculty member and Coordinator of the Interpreter and Translation Master’s degree program at La Salle University, where he teaches, consecutive interpreting, sight translation, and simultaneous interpretation for medical, legal and business settings.

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Jamie Hartz currently serves as DVTA secretary and is an ATA-certified Spanish>English translator, editor, and transcriber. She is a full-time freelancer and specializes in business and legal translations. She received an M.A. in Spanish translation from Kent State University in 2015. She was one of three ATA volunteers who established The Savvy Newcomer blog in 2013, and is now a frequent contributor. Jamie was also instrumental in organizing the Buddies Welcome Newbies program at ATA’s Annual Conference. Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she enjoys the flexibility and variety involved with running her own freelance business.

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Robert Santiago is the Chief Operating Officer at Para-Plus Translations, an established family-run translation and interpretation provider for thirty years, with responsibility for daily operations of the organization. He is currently working in an executive and leadership position within the organization, preserving and building upon the founder’s core values and vision while expanding with innovative and technological language-based solutions. Rob has been the Treasurer for the DVTA since October 2014.

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Dorothy Evans

Dorothy Evans is a freelance Spanish to English translator with over 20 years cumulative experience translating medical, handwritten, business and academic documents. She holds a B.A. in Spanish from West Chester University and earned her certification in translation from Spanish to English from New York University in May 2012. She has also taken graduate-level project management courses at George Washington University and completed a semester-long immersion program in Seville, Spain. Dorothy is an Active Member of the American Translators Association, has been the DVTA Membership Chair since 2009 and currently leads the DVTA Website Committee. She also volunteers her time not only with the DVTA, but also at her children’s schools, serving on the PTO Board and coordinating fundraisers benefiting students.

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Rita Weil is a professional medical and community interpreter and an experienced former interpreter trainer for Bridging the Gap, and a certified trainer for Cross-Cultural Communications, LLC Medical Terminology for Interpreters. She has 15 years of experience as a Spanish interpreter, working first in the Washington, DC area, and presently in Philadelphia, PA. Rita Weil served as an executive officer of the National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters for 4 years. She is presently a board member of the Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA). She and her two partners have a new medical interpreter training company called The Ricarti Group, LLC.

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Eileen’s educational background began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Education. After serving as a Systems Engineer, Distribution and Construction Specialist, and a Consulting Marketing Representative for IBM for many years, she made the decision to leave to raise her four children. As her children became more independent, she entered the interpreting and translating field. She has been fortunate enough to serve as a medical and legal interpreter; interpreting for medical evaluations and in Civil and Criminal matters ranging from depositions and hearings to arbitrations and trials. Not only has her experience as interpreter been very rewarding and challenging, but it has also provided her with the flexibility to balance a career on top of her family duties.

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Eliane grew up in Lebanon and received a Bachelor of Arts in Translation. In 2004, she moved to the States where she studied Communication and Journalism. After the birth of her girls, she started her career as a linguist. For almost nine years now, she wears different hats in the field of languages; she teaches, translates, interprets and edits. Eliane is a certified-medical interpreter (CHI) and is working on her court certification. She provides services in and around the Philadelphia area. She contracts with language agencies as a quality assurance monitor for independently contracted interpreters. Her dedication and skill in the medical interpreting profession has earned her the recognition to train new and advanced medical interpreters. Her public speaking skills opened the door for many presentations and training sessions.

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Yongmei Li, Director

Yongmei is a legal interpreter in both Mandarin and Cantonese, certified in bothlanguages by the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts and an activemember of ATA. Her K-12 education took place in China after which she immigratedto the US at the age of 18 to complete college and embark on her graduate studies,earning a BA from New York University and a doctorate degree in Pharmacologyfrom Colombia University.She has interpreted for the state courts in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and NorthCarolina in addition to serving Federal Courts in this state for both civil and criminaltrials. Her medical interpreting services are also in demand at many PA and DEhospitals. She has provided document sorting and translation for patent litigationcases and translated technical materials for US Companies. New to the DVTA boardsince 2014, Yongmei is co-chair of the DVTA Elections and Nominating Committee.

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Programming: Eliane Sfeir-Markus

PR/Marketing: Tony Guerra and Rob Santiago

Blog/Social Networking: Massiel Ortega

Website/Membership: Dorothy Evans

Nominations/Elections: Rita Weil and Yongmei Li

Certification: Tony Guerra

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