Completing Your Profile:

Name - Enter your first and last name how you would like it to display on the directory. Your nickname is automatically filled in as your username, but you can change that if you want. 

"Display name publicly as" offers options for how you want others to view your identity while perusing the site.

 Contact Info - Here's where you can enter email and, if you have one, your website link.

 About Yourself - This is a free form text box where you can add any information about your experience and background. Keep this short and sweet (i.e. your elevator speech) as this will be the tagline for your entry in the Membership Directory.

 New Password - If you would like to change your password, here's where you can do that. 

DVTA Membership - This section will be updated once your profile is approved and your dues are recorded. Going forward, you will always have the ability to view the status of your membership anytime you log into your profile.

Location - Self-explanatory, but here's where you enter your mailing address. Please note that only the city and state will be seen on the Membership Directory.

Contact - Here's where you can enter your pertinent phone numbers and preferred method of contact as well as preferences for receiving updates from the DVTA. Please note: Text functionality is not available quite yet.

Member Type - please select the appropriate membership type for you. You will submit your dues after completing your profile.

  • For our Corporate members, you will need to upload your logo and website for publication on our Corporate Members page.

ATA Member - If you are a member of the ATA, please indicate as such and enter your ATA number in the field provided. Remember, the DVTA earns a chapter rebate for every member who is also a member of the ATA. 

Dues - This will be populated once your payment has been verified and your registration is approved.

Skills - Here's where you can upload your resume and your photo (which will be displayed in your profile) and select your profession(s).

Source and Target Languages - Here, you have the ability to enter as many or as few languages as you would like. Please be sure you spell your languages correctly. This is what builds our search functionality, so be accurate and thorough. You can tab or hit enter after each entry to add more.

Field of Expertise - List each field in which you translate or interpret (i.e. Medical, Legal, Education, Business, Technical, Pharmaceutical, etc.) separately by hitting tab or enter after each entry. Please be clear, concise and check your spelling as the site pulls this information for the search functionality. 

CertificationsList completed and earned certifications ONLY. (i.e. ATA Certification, Bridging the Gap, etc.) Do not list any certifications that are pending or you are currently working towards achieving. Please be clear, concise and check your spelling as the site pulls this information for the search functionality.

Education: Select an option from the pull-down menu to indicate your highest level of education completed.

Social Media Links - Here's where you can enter all the links to your social media accounts, if you have them, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and Facetime. 

Select "Update Profile" when finished. This will automatically take you to our Payment Screen. 

You can pay your dues online via PayPal or indicate that you will be mailing a check made payable to the DVTA to the following address:


P.O. Box 269

Brandamore, PA 19316